Big things coming soon!


Hey there. It’s been a stretch, but for good reason! The holidays came and went in a flurry of workshops and custom creations. Instead of hunkering down in January and February, it appears the Portland crowd likes to get their hands dirty in a series of crafty events. Having never been through a winter season yet,, it was incredible to experience the influx of humans into the shop and studio simply due to cold air and rainy days. Thank you, gloomy weather.

But… sunshine is great, too! There are some big, big changes ahead for Make + Take Studio/Frigg’s, and you’ll know all the details in March. For now, here are few things to know are on the horizon:

  • We have two days of Spring Break Mini-Camps scheduled,, and will open a third if the other day sell out! 10-3, and even open to having an hourly rate for time before/over for an additional fee. $49/kid, sign up on the shopfriggs site here. Reach out if you need more hours for your kiddo(s), limited to six kids per day.

  • We’re booked for almost every weekend in March and the first weekend of April. If you’re looking to celebrate a non-rainy party in Portland, check out our birthday parties and other events info!

  • Cooks and food experts of all kinds have been hosting events in the studio since October, and we’ve held our own cheesemaking events. For reasons that can’t quite yet be shared, we’re going to be ending the food-related happenings around here at the after April, so be sure to sign up for the chocolate calligraphy and truffles classes hosted by Oh Honey Cookery in early March and the cake decorating workshops hosted by JamCakes. Going to be awesome!

  • With that, we’ll also be liquidating our cheesemaking inventory (except kits and small equipment). All perishables are now heading out the door at 40-50% off!

  • We’ll also be selling off a lot of our book inventory, so come on by and grab some good ones for 20-30% off! They make great gifts and, of course, fantastic inspiration for makers of all sorts.

  • Out goes the old but in comes the new! As part of our move toward being a low-waste shop, we’re including more inventory in that vein. Check out the beeswax wraps from Heather’s Treasures, zero waste deodorant, elderberry syrup kits, shampoo and conditioner bars, or the all-time awesome complete zero waste kits!

  • Coming soon: we’ll be offering drop-in preschool-age fun intermittently for parents looking for hands-on activities to do with their littles. Easy concoctions for smaller people to do with mom or dad — make the mess in the studio and walk away! Details on the way…

Those are just a few of the exciting things happening around here. This has been one of the most amazing seasons and great things are around the corner. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the shop/studio soon!