Bath Bombs Bonanza

Sometimes it just feels great to try out new recipes. Naaahhh, just kidding, it ALWAYS feels great. That’s half the fun of it! We explored new territory recently by giving Brambleberry’s Glitter Bath Bomb recipe a go, and overall had good results.

Bath Bombs Bonanza!

The all-in-one kit comes with just the right amount of all the ingredients you need to make ~15 bath bombs in flat, disc shapes, including the plastic molds. The instructions are provided on a sturdy sheet of paper, and they are concise and clear. One drawback is the the instructions are for you to make all of your bath bombs in one shade, and how can you be expected to choose between the three colors provided?

Instead, we opted to split our bomb dough into three separate bowls, and attempt to make bombs of each color. Admittedly, we were pretty cavalier in this part of the process, as the bath bombs came out about three times stronger in color than we had anticipated. Next time: go easy on the mica.

The instructions also caution heavily against having the bath bomb mixture be too dry before placing into the molds, but that was absolutely not our problem. Our first round of pink was the perfect consistency, no witch hazel needed for spritzing and moisturizing. Our second and third rounds were purple and blue, respectively, and both of them were waaaaay too wet. This was something we possibly could have anticipated, instead of just throwing caution to the wind when we combined the dry ingredients with the oils. Turns out, Portland is NOT a dry climate and, if anything, liquids should be added slowly for optimal texture.


As a result, the blue dough was put in the molds too wet (pressure was on!) and they poofed up a bit, a natural consequence. No worries, though, they still made for effective bath bombs a few days later.

The concept of putting glitter in bath bombs has always been mystifying. It makes them look cool, yes. And who doesn't love glitter?!? But, it also means that you end up with glitter in your bath water, and therefore in your hair and toenails. Obviously, this requires a full rinse after indulging in your bath bomb of choice. In our case, we let the kids go glitter bath bomb crazy and had a fun time mixing colors in the tub. Again, because the colors were a little too strong (our fault), there was some pretty significant clean-up required after the bath. Still, they all remarked on how good their skin felt when all was said and done, we we’re calling this one a success.