Happy Halloween!


Every good holiday deserves a good craft project, and Halloween is no exception! One of my personal favorites for Halloween is this super simple candle holder. It's less messy than pumpkin carving and lasts longer, too! Materials needed: - Glass jars - Crepe paper of various colors - Mod Podge and brush - Construction paper - Glue - Scissors

This project is so easy that you have probably figured it out by just looking at the photo! Cut strips of crepe paper and apply them to the jars vertically with the Mod Podge. Allow to dry. Cut out faces as desired using the construction paper, apply however you see fit for whatever face you are making. DONE! You can really get creative with it, and this is easy enough for kids to make their own versions.

We put tea light candles in the jars on Halloween night itself, but stick the faux-lectric ones in the days leading up to the big night for fire hazard reasons. They make great window decorations, or use them to line the way to your front door for trick-or-treaters!