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Homemade Toilet Fresheners

Toilets are gross. That is fact. As a mom to four children - three of them boys - I feel I spend too much energy trying to find ways to keep the toilet as not-gross as possible.

Fizzy Toilet Fresheners
Fizzy Toilet Fresheners

Enter: the toilet fizzy, aka the toilet freshener. I wish there were a better term for these things because they are cute and adorable and everything toilet bowls are not. But, it seems we need to have the word toilet in the item name, so any notion of something cute or adorable basically goes down the drain (har, har).

These fizzies were super easy to make, and they work! Think of them as a bath bomb for your toilet, leaving your toilet sparkling and new with more excitement and less effort than scouring powder. WIN.

We borrowed our recipe from the ever-awesome Soap Queen, as we had most of the ingredients on-hand from a previous Brambleberry purchase. The toilet fresheners are made of the same common ingredients found in bath bombs: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and witch hazel. We followed their lead and used lemon and peppermint essential oils, as it seemed a mighty fine combo for a toilet, but ultimately it's up to you. This recipe is heavy on essential oils, so you probably don't want to use your very pricey options. You also want to use a combo that you are happy to let overpower your prep space for a spell. Lemon and peppermint were delightful choices, but I could see this being very effective with other citrus options such as grapefruit or orange, as well.

Also optional is the flower-y mold recommended in the recipe, as really you just need a small enough mold to fit the purpose. That said, flowers are pretty.

Fizzy Toilet Freshener Process
Fizzy Toilet Freshener Process

The process was very similar to making a bath bomb: combine citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, break up clumps, and add essential oils. Test the combined mixture to see if it's about the consistency of wet sand (it should hold its shape if you squeeze it in your hands); if it needs some moisture, spritz it with some witch hazel. Be careful not to spray on too much, or you could set the fizzy tablet a-fizzin! Ask me how I know.

Once you have the right consistency, you place the mixture into the mold and allow it to sit. We checked on our fizzies two or three hours later and they seemed good to go. Soap Queen recommended "a few hours" or overnight, as this timing may depend on your location.

My six-year-old wanted to take on the challenge of using a toilet freshener for the first time, and this was a sign to me that we needed to keep these on-hand at all times. We popped one into the toilet and the whole space filled with a nice peppermint-lemon smell; I gave it a swish after the fizzing stopped and the toilet was minty fresh new. If anything, the fizzles will inspire me to do this process on a regular basis, and will make cleaning the toilet just a touch more enjoyable than usual.