On the Move... to N Williams Ave!


Well! Here we are, on the cusp of a transition to a new location, so it seemed a great time for an update. It’s also pouring rain outside at the moment (ahhh… Portland) and not exactly a weather situation handy for moving furniture, so here we are, indoors and ready to type.

Here’s the backstory on The Big Move. I knew the space of the current Frigg’s/Make + Take experience was going to be unavailable as of summer 2019, so I have been on the lookout for awhile to find a location that would work. I needed three things: a reasonable amount of space (but not too much), a sink, and an overall great vibe. This is surprisingly hard to come by in Portland commercial real estate. Given that the studio is more of a destination than a foot-traffic-reliant business, my hopes were that I would find something still in a commercial area but without paying the added premium for street-front retail. I was open to second-story opportunities, behind-a-store spaces, or similar concepts. After keeping my eyes peeled for several weeks, I was becoming a little concerned that I wouldn’t find a new location for the next rendition of Frigg’s/Make+Take, and grew increasingly worried about the future of the business.

One night, after dinner, I was casually perusing Craiglist. This is one of the ways I relax. I don’t know, it’s a thing. At any rate, like lightening, I saw THE POST that would change the course of this business forever. Listed was a space in the very building I spent years wandering on weekends. Inside the corridor I made a destination on the regular with my toddler son. Down the street from my former home. I knew without doubt exactly which space it was and what it was like inside. Even better, I knew it was located next to several other maker spaces and a few delicious restaurants/cafes. On a whim, I contacted the current tenant and she shared with me that the landlord was hopeful to find a maker to fill the space. It was like a dream.

From that point, everything moved quickly. I stopped by the next day to visit the space. I’ve always loved the current location’s paint scheme (one wall blue, the rest white), tall ceilings, and wood accents. Once in the space on Williams, I was delighted to discover similar features: tall ceilings (20ft!), wood accents, and - YES - white and blue walls. It felt immediately like home. It’s smaller than the current location, but the space is well-used. It smells good. The current tenant was not leaving due to space or rent issues, but because she had sold her business and was ready to move on after nearly a decade at the location. Even weirder: the two of us had once been neighbors, living just a few doors down from one another on the same little street, but not knowing it at the time.

The biggest battle was that once the paperwork was signed, my insurance needed to get sorted out before I could receive the keys, and there was a two-week delay in making that happen. While I had once had the entire month of May to move, we now need to get everything moved in two weeks, so things are a little chaotic. Still, we should be up and running in the new space as of June 5.

Lots of people have asked if there will be a grand re-opening or anything of the sort. The answer to that is a very strong MAYBE. There had been, at one point, a plan to do a grand opening event at the original location, but I quickly was booked up with parties and events and eventually the idea fizzled out. Is it necessary? Probably not. Would it be fun? Probably! Will it happen? 50/50!

For now, I’d simply appreciate your patience over the next two weeks while the dust settles and I can’t wait to update everyone on the new space once it’s ready!

3808 N Williams Ave #134
Portland OR 97227